English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea


The Wolseley’s English Breakfast Tea is a refined and sophisticated version of the traditional strong English Breakfast tea with a blend of loose leaf black teas from India, China and Africa. Each tea estate contributes a unique flavour note to this blend, Kenyan tea leaves bring depth and golden colour, Assam tea adds maltiness, Rwandan tea makes the blend rich and smooth and Yunnan Chinese black tea gives a dark cocoa flavour. Our English Breakfast tea is sourced from ethically managed tea gardens with emphasis on superior leaf quality, giving you a strong, smooth tea that is refreshing anytime of the day.

Presented in a smart, re-usable black tea tin with gold detailing, all of our teas adhere to classical and authentic blends; the tea leaves themselves sourced from ancient tea gardens around the world. The tea leaves are sealed in a NatureFlex compostable bag.

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Ingredients & Allergens

English Breakfast Tea 150g

INGREDIENTS: Loose Leaf Black Tea – Assam (India), Yunnan (China), Kenyan (Africa), Rwanda (Africa)