Jasmine Bud Tea Caddy


Our Jasmine Bud is a fragrant tea, combining smooth green tea leaves with the sweetest notes of jasmine blossom grown in the sunny hills of Southern China. It is a refreshing drink for any time of day – light, bright and with heady aromatic notes.

Our high-grade, traditional teas are bought fresh each season, directly from small, well established tea gardens. Close relationships with the farmers ensure the leaves in our teas are carefully handpicked and then handcrafted to tease out the sweetest notes and most complex flavours.

20 pyramid tea bags are contained inside this unique tea caddy with an elegant Chinoiserie design, evocative of the interior of The Wolseley itself.

Delivery to the UK, USA, Canada and selected European countries only.

Ingredients & Allergens

Jasmine Tea, 20 Pyramid Tea Bags 

INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, Jasmine Flower

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