Set of Six Roemer Glasses


With their typical green stems, this traditional brasserie-shaped glassware is used exclusively for white wines from Mosel and Alsace. As used in The Wolseley, this gift set comprises six Roemer glasses.

‘Roemer’ derives from the word ‘Roma’, in tribute to the Romans, who initially brought the first grape vines into Germany. When glassware began to take on a more regional identity, the colour of the glass would vary due to the different types of sand. ‘Forest Glass’, made from forest potash and a sand that contained iron impurities, was where the distinctive green colour of the Roemer glass originated and for many years the entire glass, not just the stem, was this colour.

It was only when connoisseurs recommended that wine should be served in a clear glass was this changed so that just the stem remained green. Roemer glasses are used as the traditional toasting glasses in Germany and remain just as popular today as they once were.

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Dimensions: Base diameter 8cm, Height 13.7cm.

Product care: Please note that this glassware is not dishwasher safe. Careful washing by hand in warm, soapy water and drying with a soft cloth is recommended.

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