The Wolseley Bear


Made exclusively for The Wolseley Collection, Wolseley Bear, with his black and gold Wolseley knitted jumper and monogrammed paw makes for a particularly lovely gift for souvenir from London. He arrives nestled in his own red and gold gift box, with his own story tied around his wrist…

Wolseley Bear was found not so long ago at The Wolseley, our café-restaurant at 160 Piccadilly, London.
Our chefs wanted to look after their new friend, which first and foremost meant finding him something to eat.

They offered him porridge, croque monsieur and schnitzel… but unbeknownst to us, Wolseley Bear was partial to something a little sweeter. Then, out the corner of their eye, they spotted a box of delicious Wolseley truffles. Wolseley Bear was delighted and from that day on he didn’t eat anything else!

Be sure to take good care of Wolseley Bear and to keep him happy with his favourite chocolate treats or biscuits.

Delivery to the UK, USA, Canada, UAE and selected European countries only.

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