The meaning behind the names.


Affogato ~ meaning ‘drowned’, is espresso served over ice cream
Americano ~ is espresso topped with hot water to the strength of filter coffee
Café crème ~ is an espresso with added steamed milk served in a coffee cup
Cappuccino ~is the much-loved Italian frothy coffee, an espresso shot of coffee served with perfectly foamed hot milk and foam
Corretto ~ meaning ‘corrected’, is espresso with added alcohol, usually grappa, brandy or sambuca
Crema ~ is the nut brown foamy layer on top of a well-made espresso
Doppio ~ meaning ‘double’, is two shots of espresso in one cup
Einspänner ~is a lungo (see below) topped with whipped cream
Espresso ~ is a strong, short coffee, approx. 45ml; the delicate flavour of the coffee is extracted through high pressure
Latte ~meaning ‘milk’, can be made two ways: an espresso topped with hot milk and a drizzle of foam or a hot glass of milk with an espresso shot poured in to make a 3-layered look
Lungo ~ meaning ‘long’, is an espresso made with more than the usual amount of water (about double) passing through the ground coffee, producing a weaker drink
Macchiato ~ meaning ‘marked’ or ‘stained’, is an espresso with a teaspoon or milk and foam on top
Marocchino ~ is an espresso topped with hot milk and foam, covered in cocoa powder, best served in a glass
Mocha ~ is a rich hot chocolate, topped with an espresso, hot milk and foam
Ristretto ~ meaning ‘shortened’, is an espresso made with less water, yielding a coffee that has more essential oils and flavour with less caffeine and potential bitterness, a more full-bodied potent taste

An excerpt from ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley’ by A.A. Gill. Buy here.