Explore the vineyards behind our champagne and wine…

Pommery ~ Champagne Pommery is located in Reims, France. It was in 1857 that Mr Pommery moved into the champagne trade (having made his fortune in the wool industry), yet he died a year later and his widow and then their children took over the reins. Hectares of land were purchased, the business began to thrive and in 1874 Pommery created the very first successfully marketed Brut Champagne. The original Pommery Domaine is still used in the production of all its champagnes to this day, including the 18 km of chalk galleries located 30m below ground where the maturation takes place.

Château La Tour de By ~ This iconic, family-owned estate in the northern Médoc region boasts over 90 hectares and is beautifully situated with far-reaching views over the Gironde. In 1965, the property was bought and developed by Marc Pagès, and it is now run by two of his grandsons – Frédéric Leclerc and Benjamin Richer des Forges. The blend of the Grand Vin comprises 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot, with the average age of the vines being well over forty years.

Domaine André Dezat & Fils ~ The Dezat family is one of the oldest wine-growing families in Sancerre, with records dating as far back as 1550. In 1948, André Dezat took over the family vineyards and became actively involved in promoting the wines of Sancerre. In the 1970’s, he was joined by his sons, Louis and Simon, and grandsons Arnaud and Firmin now work for the estate, too. Our Sancerre is made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape and comes from vineyards with a combination of 65% pebbly limestone, 25% calcareous clay and 10% flint.