The essential oils behind our scent.

CEDARWOOD ~ The Cedarwood plant is found in extremely cold climates, which reflects its grounding and relaxing personality. Its aroma channels this habitat by expressing a fresh and woody fragrance.

PATCHOULI ~ Patchouli Oil is known to have originated from the Philippine Islands and Indonesia. It is a sweet, floral, herbal oil extracted from the leaves of the tree, with a dark orange-brown colour that reflects its spicy-woody odour. Patchouli Oil is commonly used in fragrances to give depth and body and blends perfectly with a variety of other oils, for example Vetiver.

VETIVER ~ The Vetiver Oil has become popular in perfuming relatively recently, but it was originally used in classical times. The oil originates from Indonesia but is now found in different countries around the world. The oil is of a golden dark brown/amber colour and has an earthy, herbaceous and slightly spicy aroma.