Coffee: The Meaning Behind The Names

Have you ever wondered the difference between a Café Crème and a Cappuccino or a Latte and a Lungo? If so, allow us to be of help…

Over the past few years, London’s love affair with real coffee – artisan, organic, cold-brewed, French-pressed, you name it – has only seemed to deepen. Never before have independent roasters and artisan baristas become such places of pilgrimage for London’s growing community of discerning coffee-drinkers. However, in a world where food and drink trends are in a constant state of flux, there are, increasingly, times when you just can’t beat a classic…

Often referred to as a “timeless” institution and “perhaps London’s most classic restaurant” so say The Nudge, The Wolseley’s menu is familiar to anyone who’s taken a kaffee und küchen in the Grand Cafés of Central Europe – providing the perfect place for Londoners to enjoy a coffee – in whatever form – and a slice of cake…

And as UK Coffee Week gets under way from 29th April – 5th May, we thought it timely to take a leaf out of A.A. Gill’s book ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley’ and explain the meaning behind the names…

Affogato ~ meaning ‘drowned’, is espresso served over ice cream
Americano ~ is espresso topped with hot water to the strength of filter coffee
Café crème ~ is an espresso with added steamed milk served in a coffee cup
Cappuccino ~is the much-loved Italian frothy coffee, an espresso shot of coffee served with perfectly foamed hot milk and foam
Corretto ~ meaning ‘corrected’, is espresso with added alcohol, usually grappa, brandy or sambuca
Crema ~ is the nut brown foamy layer on top of a well-made espresso
Doppio ~ meaning ‘double’, is two shots of espresso in one cup
Einspänner ~ is a lungo (see below) topped with whipped cream
Espresso ~ is a strong, short coffee, approx. 45ml; the delicate flavour of the coffee is extracted through high pressure
Latte ~meaning ‘milk’, can be made two ways: an espresso topped with hot milk and a drizzle of foam or a hot glass of milk with an espresso shot poured in to make a 3-layered look
Lungo ~ meaning ‘long’, is an espresso made with more than the usual amount of water (about double) passing through the ground coffee, producing a weaker drink
Macchiato ~ meaning ‘marked’ or ‘stained’, is an espresso with a teaspoon or milk and foam on top
Marocchino ~ is an espresso topped with hot milk and foam, covered in cocoa powder, best served in a glass
Mocha ~ is a rich hot chocolate, topped with an espresso, hot milk and foam
Ristretto ~ meaning ‘shortened’, is an espresso made with less water, yielding a coffee that has more essential oils and flavour with less caffeine and potential bitterness, a more full-bodied potent taste

An excerpt from ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley by A.A. Gill

And if, after your coffee with us, you would like to enjoy the blend in your own home, or indeed gift it to a friend, The Wolseley Shop can meet your needs with our Cafetiere & Filter Coffee – a high-grade Arabica blend with a twist of African and Indian.


Published 11th March 2019