Recipe: Haggis & Duck Eggs

Rich and hearty, our Haggis & Duck Eggs is one of our most popular breakfast dishes. Learn how to make it at home.

Something of a guest favourite, this dish is a winning combination of the finest Haggis and rich duck eggs – complemented by a Whisky sauce. Here, our Executive Chef, David Stevens, shares how to make it at home, whether that be for Burns Night or all year round.

Serves 4

  • 1kg Haggis
  • 8 duck eggs
  • 1L dark chicken stock (either homemade or a good quality ready-made one)
  • 50ml whisky of your choice
  • 50ml HP sauce
  • Vegetable oil, butter and clarified butter for cooking
  • 4 pieces of thick cut white bread


For this recipe we recommend you purchase your favourite Haggis – we use Hugh Black from HG Walters.

Line a small terrine mould with 2 layers of cling film so that it sits flush with the mould.

Remove the outer skin from the haggis and discard it. Then break up the haggis flesh into a crumb and press it firmly flat into the bottom of the terrine mould. Leave it in the fridge overnight to set.

The next day, turn the terrine mould upside down on a cutting board and using the cling film, pull out the pressed haggis. Remove the outer layer of cling film and cut into 5cm thick slices. For the sauce, add the 1L of dark chicken stock to a sauce pan over medium heat and reduce by ¾ slowly. Once reduced, add 50ml of HP sauce and 50ml of whisky. Keep warm on a very low heat until ready to plate your dish.

In a frying pan, using the thick cut white bread, remove the outer crust and fry in clarified butter until golden brown all over both sides. Then place on kitchen paper to remove excess oil and set aside.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees and then in a separate frying pan, add 1tbsp of vegetable oil and fry your haggis slices until they start to crisp on one side. Then carefully flip over and continue to crisp on the other side.

Remove haggis slices from the frying pan and place on a baking tray. Transfer to your preheated oven and continue to heat until they are very hot, approximately 8-10 minutes.

Whilst the haggis is in the oven, heat a small fry pan with a little butter and oil and crack in one duck egg. Then remove the yolk from another duck egg and add this to the pan to cook together. Keep the remaining egg white for another use.

Cook the egg gently until the white is set and repeat for all four plates. (To make this process quicker, you can cook all eggs together in a large frying pan and plate separately).

To serve, pour a generous amount of sauce onto your plate and then place once piece of the fried bread in the centre. Being very careful place the haggis on top the bread and then the two fried duck eggs on top of the haggis.

If you do try it at home, we would love to see your creations – tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Published 20th January 2022